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The fourth book in Aby King's exciting series about the animals of the royal palaces is set at the royal residences of Balmoral and Hampton Court. Lupo and his friends untangle a Tudor riddle of the lost Golden Hind. A legendary monster of the deep will help lead the way to a lost palace and treasure galore. Lupo will have to hurry though or else he may miss the Coronation! A treasure trove of a story with excitement, danger and heroics.

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Lupo is out for a walk with Nanny and Prince George in Kensington Gardens when he is lured into a wicked trap. Cyrus the swan has been attacked, and some precious royal treasure stolen. Lupo is innocent but can he prove his innocence? Meanwhile, his rival, Vulcan the corgi is plotting to take over the realm. Animals take sides in a classic battle of good versus evil, involving journeys through underground tunnels, down the hallowed corridors of historic palaces, and in the staterooms of the most important people of the land. At the heart of this delightful story is the loyal bond between Lupo and the baby prince.





Lupo's Adventures  

The Curse at Buckingham Palace

The Thief at The Tower of London

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Illustrations: © Sam Usher   

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The Adventures of a Royal Dog
Aby King

The Adventures of a Royal Dog

TheAdventurethe adventures of lupo

The Adventure of Lupo
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